Q111006: How Do I Install or Uninstall The Software Manager?

FLEXnet Connect is a solution that Flexera Software sells to software vendors that is designed to help you stay connected with your customers after they install your applications.  Keeping software updated is one of the many benefits of FLEXnet Connect, but Flexera Software also recommends that software vendors build in an option to disable automatic update checking. If you are using an application that uses FLEXnet Connect, your application may have a configuration option to disable update checking. Please check your application’s menu options.

If your application does not have this option, Flexera Software has created a tool called the Software Manager that can disable automatic update checking. The Software Manager utility lists all applications currently using FLEXnet Connect on your computer and the FLEXnet Connect's status with that application.


You may already have the Software Manager installed. If the Software Updates or Program Updates shortcut is listed in your Start menu, then the Software Manager is installed. If you do not have the Software Manager installed, follow these instructions to download and install it:

Download and install the Software Manager:

  1. Download the latest FLEXnet Connect 6.1 Software Manager and save it to your Desktop. The latest FLEXnet Connect Software Manager can be downloaded here.

  2. Double click on the FLEXnet connect executable and follow the instructions to install the Software Manager. Once installed, you can run the Software Updates shortcut to start the Software Manager.

Download and install the uninstall for Software Manager:

  1. Download the Update Manager uninstaller and save it to your Desktop.
  2. Double click SoftwareManagerUninstall.exe and follow the instructions to uninstall the Software Manager.
Note: The SoftwareManagerUninstall.exe only removes entries from the Windows registry which are responsible for starting the common software manager after a reboot. No files are actually removed.

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