Q110616: Element Not Found
Error Message looks like this:

The title of the message can also be “Unhandled Exception”.

More Information

This issue might occur when there is a clash with the InstallShield engines.

  1. Make sure you have full administrative privileges on your computer. This only applies to Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP computers; Windows 95, 98, and ME do not require this. For more information, see Acquire Administrative Privileges on Your Computer
  2. Delete an InstallShield directory:
    1. Launch Windows Explorer by pressing Windows Key + E on your keyboard or select Start > Run and type explorer.
    2. Browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\0701.
    3. Right-click the highlighted engine directory and select Delete.
  3. Install the InstallShield Engine Update 701.
    1. Download the InstallShield Engine Update 701 and save it to your Desktop.
    2. Double-click InstallShieldEngineUpdate701.exe to install it.
  4. Run the install locally by copying the installation files to your local hard drive.
    1. Using Windows Explorer browse to the location of the installation files. For example, if the installation is on a CD, browse to the CD-ROM drive:
    2. Copy the contents of the installation location.
    3. Temporarily paste them to a location on the local hard drive. For example, the Desktop.
    4. Run the install file, setup.exe or install.exe.


Does Your Issue Still Exist?

If after following these instructions your product failed to install, you'll need to contact your vendor. See the Who to Contact page for more information.

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