Q108192: Please Insert Disk 1 That Contains the File layout.bin
Error Message looks like this:

This message may also appear for different files (e.g., Please insert disk 1 that contains the file data2.cab).

More Information

In certain cases, the installation thinks the setup has completed before it really has and starts to do cleanup on the extracted installation files.


The -a and -deleter command-line options prevent the installation from cleaning up too early. Pass the -a and -deleter command-line options to the installation file through the command line. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the location of the installation:
    • If the installation is being run from a CD, using Windows Explorer browse to the CD-ROM drive and locate the installation file. The typical names for installation files are setup.exe, update.exe, installer.exe, etc.
    • If the installation was downloaded from the Internet and saved to your computer (e.g., your Desktop), using Windows Explorer, browse to the location where you have saved the executable file package.
  2. Copy the location and file name, for example:
  3. Select Start > Run and paste or type the location and file name surrounded by double quotes into the Open field:
  4. Add the -a and -deleter command-line options, making sure to have spaces before each '-':
  5. Click OK. The installation should extract and run without errors.

Does Your Issue Still Exist?

If after following these instructions your product failed to install, you'll need to contact your vendor. See the Who to Contact page for more information.

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